New main team + new logo

Mon 19th Sep 2016 - 9:32pm Gaming E-sport

We are now announcing a brand new main team for Valosity!

The new team has been playing for Valosity about 2 weeks and now we are finally announcing them as our new main team!

The 2 founders decided that the new team needednew logo... So right now there is a designer designing there upcoming logo!


The Current Line-Up for Team Valosity Main CS:GO

Jesper "Jeffs" Ploeger - lurker 

Frederik "Felente" Baskjær - Entryfragger

Nicolai "eXoDia" Larsen - Main awper

Chris "LittleCruzzy" Watson - IGL (In-game Leader)

Peter "Donald" Nielsen - Support



Andreas Stauning